Fintech: All about AI, Neural Networks, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Valuation



From digital payment to investment and transactions through digital currencies, the world demands skills in the field of finance combined with technology. 

This course shall equip you with the latest learnings demanded by the industry in the field of financial technology, cryptocurrency and the economics of fintech. 

FinTech course shall help potential future leaders to analyse and challenge the accepted financial setup.

Following are the perceived learning outcome from this course:-

  • Blockchain Design Thinking
  • Understanding the ongoing digital transformation by use of technology such as AI, RPA, ML, IoT,etc.
  • Evolving role of Blockchain Technology, smart contracts, shaping of trade finance, DeFi, NFT and social scalability.
  • Cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, Libra, ICOs and other new age digital currencies 
  • Cryptocurrency valuations
  • AI and Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning



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