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Do not contend, yet skillfully triumph
Do not speak, yet skillfully respond
Do not summon, and yet attract
Do not hasten, yet skillfully design

Top Issues

Issues Students Face Today In ACCA

We understand the issues students face during their ACCA journey. Let us help you overcome challenges and achieve success.


Unemployability > Unemployment

More than 50 lakh students graduate per year but more than 50% of Indian graduates lack basic employability skills

Only 3 states with maximum skilled employees

Delhi & NCR, Orissa, and Uttar Pradesh

Skill & Talent Shortage

63% of the companies report skill & talent shortage

Problems a student faces

Lack of practical knowledge & application of theoretical knowledge. Lack of critical analysis, research, problem solving on live projects. Outdated syllabus

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Experience transformative power with more than 1500 bridge courses. Build a strong foundation and bridge the gap to career success today.

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Behind the Name IKKA​

“IKKA” is the Hindi word for an Ace in a deck of cards. An Ace is regarded to have the highest value in a pack of cards. As per the English Deck of Cards, Ace signifies excellence, brilliance, calibre, supremacy, genius and high quality. At our acca coaching in pune we aim to provide high quality education with a focus on conceptual clarity which in turn helps our students to “ACE” in every exam!

Behind the Name IKKA​

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?


Ikka Classes is the best Acca institute in Pune. Choose us for ACCA and bridge courses and embark on an extraordinary journey towards excellence and career advancement.

Awesome Team

Our team consists of Experienced Industry Experts, Professors from Indian and International Universities and Rankers from Commerce & Finance Fields. When students learn from such Gurus at ACCA coaching in Pune, achieving success is assured.

Conceptual Clarity & In-Depth Knowledge

We believe Clarity is Power. The clearer one is about concepts, it’s application becomes easier. We establish a culture of growth for our students where we promote development of inquisitive minds and the urge to keep learning and upskilling. “A well educated mind will always have more questions than answers.” Only attention to details can help achieve mastery in the subject.

Steadfast Support

Our Values emphasize complete STUDENT SATISFACTION, by the simplicity and convenience of our innovative teaching methods, the efficiency and effectiveness of educating and training, and the speed and promptness of our support.

ACCA: Global Chartered Accountant

Become a global chartered accountant with the best ACCA institute in Pune with over 99% success rate.

Knowledge Level


Professional Level

Success Rate

F1: Business & Technology
F2: Management Accounting
F3: Financial Accounting
F4: Law
F5: Performance Management
F6: Taxation
F7: Financial Reporting
F8: Audit & Assurance
F9: Financial Management
Strategic Business Leader
Strategic Business Reporting
Adv. Financial Management
Adv. Performance Management
Adv. Audit & Assurance

Why choose us for ACCA

Why to choose us for Acca

Top Categories

Bridge Upskilling Courses

Enhance your skills and bridge the gap to success with our comprehensive Bridge Upskilling Course. Unlock new opportunities and achieve professional growth. Enroll today!

Business Analysis and Data Analysis

Correlation & Regressions

Bootstrap. ANOVA, ANCOVA

Data mining, Experimental Designs Factor analysis

SPSS, Stata. Python. Rs/w

Basic and Advanced Statistics

Data & Collection

Probability, Central Tendency, Dispersion, Distribution Function

Hypothesis Testing

Parametric & Non-Parametric Tests

P-Value, t- Statistics, F- test



All about Financial Statements

Single Entity & Consolidation

Tally and other Accounting Software Packages

Cash Flow

Ratio Analysis & Interpretation

Business Analysis and Data Analysis

Correlation & Regressions

Bootstrap. ANOVA, ANCOVA

Data mining, Experimental Designs Factor analysis

SPSS, Stata. Python. Rs/w

Basic and Advanced Statistics

Data & Collection

Probability, Central Tendency, Dispersion, Distribution Function

Hypothesis Testing

Parametric & Non-Parametric Tests

P-Value, t- Statistics, F- test



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Initially I was a science student and after my 12th I changed my career to commerce field and opted for an integrated course of Bachelors in commerce with ACCA. So everything was new for me and it took me time to figure out things. The base of commerce was not clear for me. Then for our 2nd trimester Ishika ma’am came to teach us. I loved her way of teaching and engaging the class and then I decided to join her classes for the rest of my ACCA subjects. The classes were very fun to attend and most importantly the concepts. So she has a unique way of explaining all the concepts and it would stay permanently in your mind. Also the test series are really helpful and the mistakes that we made were always discussed for our better understanding. This all has helped me to clear my papers smoothly.

Isha Joseph

    I loved the experience I got till now. The teaching faculty is amazing and the classes are always fun.


    Teaching faculty is experienced and professional to solve each doubt even after class hours. I'm happy to be a part of IKKA classes.

    Anjali Borse

      Understanding of the subject became really easy due to the high level teaching skills Enjoyed each and every class and planning to continue for all the papers of acca here on now.

      Shrutika ​

      I just love everything of IKKA classes. A different experience than school or college teaching and Ishika Ma’am is the most helpful person when it comes to clearing all your doubts

      Sanket Chavan

      Ishika ma'am helped a lot to get the concepts right and built a strong base for me. For all the papers I studied with her. It was really fun to have classes with her.


        Excellent teaching method. Ishika ma'am focuses on logical understanding which makes concept clearComplex things are easier to understand if taught by ma'am


        I never thought ACCA was my cup of tea until I joined myself in IKKA classes. All thanks to Ishika ma’am who has not only helped to unleash the talent inside me but also brought up the confidence that was lagging behind.

        Srijana Karn from Nepal

          I am Sairaj Ahiwale, I met Ishika maam in college, just wanted to know who's this teacher everyone is talking about. After wards she heled me in my startup and has always been very optimistic and supportive.


          For students like me who are specially weak in theory subjects. I enjoyed my F8 classes. It was fun in learning Auditing and Assurance. The faculty for each of the subjects provides various charts and techniques to remember theoretical points.