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Business Analysis & Data Analysis

Correlation & Regressions
Bootstrap, ANOVA, ANCOVA
Data mining, Experimental Designs, Factor analysis
SPSS, Stata, Python, R s/w

FinTech Economy

Blockchain Design Thinking
Al, RPA, ML, IoT, Neural Network, etc
Smart contracts, trade finance, DeFi, NFT, and social scalability
Cryptocurrencies, bitcoins. Libra, ICOs & other new-age digital currencies
Valuation of Digital Currencies

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics for Policy Making
Prospect Theory
Heuristics and Biases
Mental Accounting & Illusions
Time Preferences
Intertemporal Choices

Financial Management

Theories of the financial markets
Models for Asset Valuation
Valuations of the Bond and Derivative Markets
Portfolio theory
Risk Management & Arbitrage Pricing Theory
Hypothesis and it’s observations: What leads to abnormal returns

Basic & Advanced Statistics

Data & Collection
Probability, Central Tendency, Dispersion, Distribution Function
Hypothesis Testing
Parametric & Non- Parametric Tests
P-Value, t- Statistics, F- test


All about Financial Statements
Single Entity & Consolidation
Tally and other Accounting Software Packages
Cash Flow
Ratio & Interpretation

Taxation: Direct & Indirect



Basic & Advanced Excel

Beginner to Advanced Level 

Excel Advance Tips and Tricks 

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