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Starting your ACCA course is a significant step towards a rewarding career in accountancy. In this guide, we’ll delve into the eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and various pathways to initiate your ACCA journey. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a working professional, this guide will provide valuable insights to kickstart your ACCA course.

Academic Qualifications Needed

  • To enroll in the ACCA course, candidates typically need a minimum of three GCSEs and two A-levels in five separate subjects, including Math and English. Additionally, a relevant bachelor’s degree can provide exemptions from certain ACCA papers.

Relevant Experience, if Required

  • While not mandatory, having relevant work experience in the field of accounting or finance can enhance your understanding of ACCA concepts. Some employers may prefer candidates with practical experience, and it can also contribute to meeting the eligibility criteria.

ACCA Entry Requirements

Specific Entry Criteria for ACCA

  • Each ACCA-approved learning provider may have specific entry criteria. Ensure you meet these requirements, which may include a proficiency test in English if it’s not your first language.

Any Exceptions or Alternative Routes

  • In certain cases, ACCA allows exceptions or alternative routes for entry. This could include recognition of prior learning or exemptions based on other professional qualifications. You can contact Ikka Classes which is one of the leading ACCA coaching centres in India

Starting ACCA After 12th

Advantages of Starting ACCA Right After 12th

  • Starting ACCA immediately after 12th provides a head start in building a career in accountancy. It allows for a seamless transition from academic learning to professional qualification.

Combining ACCA with Traditional Education

    • Many students opt to combine ACCA with traditional university education. This dual approach enhances both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, setting a strong foundation for a successful career.

Step-by-Step Guide to ACCA Enrollment

Researching and Choosing the Right ACCA Institute

  •  Begin by researching ACCA-approved learning providers. Consider factors such as reputation, pass rates, and faculty expertise. Choose an institute that aligns with your learning preferences.

The Application Process and Required Documentation

  • Once you’ve chosen an institute, follow their application process. Prepare necessary documentation, including academic transcripts and identification documents, to complete the application successfully.

ACCA Classes and Study Schedules

  • Upon acceptance, familiarize yourself with the class schedules. Create a study plan that balances work, life, and ACCA commitments. Consistent effort is key to success in ACCA exams.

Make your choice wisely


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Self-Study Options For ACCA

Recommended Study Materials

  • Invest in quality study materials, including ACCA-approved textbooks and revision guides. These resources are essential for self-learners aiming for exam success.

Online Resources and Study Groups for Self-Learners

  • Explore online platforms offering ACCA resources and join study groups. Engaging with fellow learners provides a supportive environment for knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

Transitioning from CA to ACCA

Recognizing the Benefits of ACCA After CA

  • If you’re a Chartered Accountant (CA) considering ACCA, recognize the added value it brings. ACCA widens your global career prospects and offers a broader perspective on international accounting standards.

Subject Exemptions and Streamlined Pathways

  • ACCA offers subject exemptions to CA qualified individuals, streamlining the journey. Understand the exemptions applicable to leverage your CA qualification efficiently

When Can I Start Studying for ACCA?

  • These questions often arise for prospective ACCA students. Starting your ACCA journey involves thorough planning and understanding of your personal circumstances. Seek guidance from ACCA counselors and plan your initiation based on your goals and commitments. You can take the help of Ikka Classes which is one of the leading ACCA coaching centres in Pune, India.


  • Embarking on your ACCA journey is a strategic move towards a successful career in accountancy. By understanding the eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and various pathways, you can make informed decisions. Remember, each step in your ACCA course is a building block toward professional excellence.

Frequently Asked Question on ACCA EXAM

The duration to complete ACCA varies based on individual study plans and exam schedules. On average, students take three to four years to become ACCA qualified.


Yes, many ACCA students work while pursuing the qualification. Balancing work and study requires effective time management and dedication.


Yes, several ACCA-approved learning providers offer online courses. Ensure the online program is accredited and provides necessary support.


Yes, ACCA offers exemptions based on previous qualifications. Consult the exemptions database on the official ACCA website for details.


Yes, ACCA is recognized and respected globally, opening doors to international career opportunities in finance and accounting.


ACCA exams are conducted four times a year, allowing flexibility for students to choose exam dates based on their preparation.

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